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Parking Cards

While most of us are kind considerate drivers who obey most of the traffic rules and regulations. There are some people who take it upon themselves to purposely disobey some rules of common courtesy.  One of my pet peeves is the inconsiderate driver that doesn’t park between the white lines when parking.  This drives me INSANE!  It bugs me so much that I’ve designed parking cards that I stick on their car just to make them aware that their parking job is less than satisfactory.


For the most part, I see the less than steller parking job and simply insert the card into the slot on the drivers side window. Occasionally I get to see the person pick up the card read it, look at his parking job and start laughing.  I’ve been to a bar where I placed a card on an old mustang only to have the driver later come in laughing showing the card to everyone in the bar.  However on Tuesday my co-workers and I went out to lunch and as I pulled into the small parking lot I noticed a white mini-van parked diagonal in two spots.  As soon as the mini-van was spotted, the parking card was out of my purse and in my hand.  This job required a bit of reconnaissance as the mini-van was parked directly in front of the restaurant.  So I put the card in my back pocket and we all walk into the restaurant.  When we are seated I evaluate the people who are sitting in the restaurant.

“Who looks like the looser who would not only drive a mini-van but would also take up two parking spots…”

Then I spot him… He’s sitting on the side of the restaurant and from his position he can’t see his car.  So I start planning my mission.  Fortunately he gets up and goes to the restroom.  Instantly I get up, walk outside and place the card in his window.  I come back inside and head towards the restroom myself.  The guy comes out of the restroom I give him a smile as I pass him then he starts walking to his car.

Apparently once he saw the card on his car and read it, he instantly went from calm to ballistic.  My coworkers called my cell telling me not to come out of the bathroom.  The man was so angry that he came back in the restaurant and asked every patron in the restaurant if they had placed the card on his car.  Once it was determined that the person was not in the restaurant he went to the next two businesses to see if the criminal was located in those facilities.  I came out of the bathroom and walked to my table just to see the angry bad-parker get into his car and pull away.

Now I really would have been interested to have confronted this guy and listened to what he had to say.  What rebuttal could he possibly have for taking up two parking spots in a small parking lot?  Please explain it to me…  Do you not see the white lines?  Perhaps you don’t understand common courtesy.  Perhaps… like it says on the card, you need to go back to the DMV and learn what it means to park between the white lines!


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