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Spelling Unchecker

As our society becomes more technically advanced, we start relying on our tech gadgets to do everyday tasks.  Instead of actually using our brains and doing the task ourselves we simply click a button and magically the hard work is done for us.  While this simplicity definitely has its benefits, it can demonstrate how our society has been “Dumbed Down” from its apparent over-use.

Take for example this letter I received from a racer looking for sponsorship from my company.

“okay i understand what your saying we will start woeking on that right away and get it to you i couldnt thank you enuff this will realy help use. we would be willing to run anything you want we have a box van to that you can sticker up the out side. we are realy just trying to get in this year and try to get noticed in supercross and out dores we are realy pushing hard to make enuff money to make it to all of them. next year thoe i wont be at mmi anymore and i am taking him and the van going to every race”

I’m pretty sure that this racer used Microsoft Word’s new Spelling Unchecker feature.  Note that there isn’t a single capitalized word in the entire sentence structure.  I really like the spelling of the word “Enough” and “Outdoors”.  On the up-side, reading this email did bring a smile to my face, however it does demonstrate how stupid we’ve actually become.  Was the user just too lazy to take the time and use correct grammar and punctuation? Perhaps “Ungood Grammar” is the next cool thing for teens.  Let me give it a go…

i must say that not having to use the shift key does help save time and im finding that using puncuation realy is a pain in the ass i think i saved a cuple of seconds by not using the dot button wow i realy like this new kind of grammer maybe i shud do this all the time imagin all the time we wud save if all of us rote this way. suddenly im becoming a fan of ungood grammer i cud get use to this…


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