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I’m an adventurous girl, especially when it comes to food.  I’ll try anything once.  So last week our accountant brought me a Durian Fruit to try.  For those of you who don’t know what a Durian is, its a huge fruit weighing about five pounds and is covered in sharp spikes.  Its very exotic looking, but the best part is that the Durian fruit smells like an overflowing sewer – Literally!  So the accountant places the fruit which is wrapped up in two bags on my desk.  About five seconds after the Durian entered the building, people around the office were asking if our toilets were backed up or if we had a gas leak because of the terrible smell.  It is because of the terrible smell that it is illegal to transport a Durian via an airplane or keep one in your hotel room.

The Durian has been in my office for a grand total of five minutes and already the smell is overpowering.  I decide to wrap it up in two more bags and keep it in the warehouse till I can take it home that evening.  The Durian that I have is a little young and still needs to ripen.  You can tell because the smell of the fruit isn’t as intense as it should be.  At this point I simply cannot fathom a smell stronger than its current odor.

I take the fruit home and keep it wrapped up in several bags in my garage at home.  Bogie my dog is keenly interested in the smelly object and won’t leave it alone so I end up having to hang the fruit from the rafters.  After only one day, the smell in the garage is so strong that it hangs in the air like a thick paste.  I let the fruit ripen in the garage for four days and after each day the odor of the fruit did indeed intensify.

Sunday was my father’s birthday party so what better time to crack open the Durian so everyone can try the smelly “King of Fruits”.    The smell of the fruit is so strong that you have to wear gloves when handling otherwise it stains your skin with this “sewer-like” smell.  My brother Huckleberry grabbed a knife and cut open a small sliver.  As soon as the husk was broken the smell got even stronger.

Everyone kept asking me why I would be willing to eat something that smells so bad…  Well my reply was, “I just have to”.  I have to find out for myself what something like this would taste like.  The curiosity inside me just couldn’t wait.  Would it taste the way it smelled?  Would it taste sweet?  I HAD to find out.

We finally cut open the hard husk and expose the even smellier fruit, which looks like slimy white/gray turds.  I grab a forkfull and prepare to taste this white goop.  The smell is horrific, but the taste..

The taste isn’t at all what I expected.  The best way to describe it would be a combination of garlic custard and cherry.  Its semi sweet but has a garlic like taste as well.  The aftertaste isn’t the greatest but overall the taste of Durian is nothing like its sewer smell thankfully.  My mom was the next to try and she was also surprised that it wasn’t as bad as she expected.  Granted we’re not going to be snacking on Durian anytime soon. But overall to my mom and I the taste wasn’t so bad.  To my brother however – as soon as his lips closed over the fork full, you could see his face turning green.  He did manage to chew a little before his body forcibly ejected the fruit from his mouth.  All he kept saying is “Holy Cow that’s the worst thing I’ve ever tasted!!”  “Oh GOD I can’t get this taste out of my mouth!”   about an hour later he was still commenting that the raw sewage taste was still in his mouth.  Clearly he liked it and wanted another bite…

Eating Durian is an adventure I think everyone should experience at least once in your lifetime.  The smell is truly unique and the taste is something you’ll never forget.  What would life be like if we didn’t challenge our “safe” boundaries every now and then… Even if it is to taste something as foul smelling as the Durian.


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Another Bogie Mishap…

Well little Bogie is not quite so little anymore.  He weighs a whopping 60 lbs even though he’s only six months old.  And while he is quickly losing his puppy looks he still maintains some of his puppy characteristics.  One of these is the puppy diarrhea  that he gets on a routine basis.  We’ve mentioned it to our vet, but he says its pretty common for puppies to have diarrhea so he’s not too concerned.  Most of the time his little diarrhea plop piles are contained in the yard and while they make it more interesting and difficult to clean, it hasn’t manifested into a “Horror” situation.  That is, until yesterday…

So I take Bogie to the Escondido dog park everyday so he can burn off energy and frustration from being left at home all day.  Everyday we jump into the car and half way to dog park, Bogie starts getting overly excited and starts whimpering as he knows we are getting closer to his favorite destination.  As we get to the dog park, bogie is literally dancing with joy. I walk to the large dog pen with Bogie dancing beside me and we walk inside the main gate.  Usually I unclip Bogie’s leash inside the staging area then open the main gait and let him run off and play.  This time however I kept him clipped to the leash so that I could go over and get some doggie poop bags just in case.  I pulled out three poop bags and stuff them in my pocket.  All this time Bogie is getting overly anxious to be freed.   I started to unclip Bogie’s leash and as soon as Bogie was freed from the leash he launched from his standing position to join the other dogs playing.  Unfortunately the diarrhea that was being stored in his bowels exploded.  The diarrhea literally shot out his butt with such tremendous force that it landed in a plopping stream four feet back and just inches from my legs and other dog owners!

“Good Lord!”,  “Jesus Christ!”, “Look Out!”  Were shouted out by the other owners who narrowly escaped the toxic projectile stream.  I stood back speechless trying to comprehend what had just happened.   It took 8 doggie poop bags and a bucket of water to clean up the four foot long stream plop from the dog park grass.  As I threw the used doggie poop bags into trash one by one, I still cannot believe how close I was to peril!  If I was standing just one inch to the left, I would have been literally COVERED with dog diarrhea!  I shutter at just the thought of it!

Next time I am releasing Bogie in the staging area paying particular attention of staying clear of the deadly diarrhea cannon.

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