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Your Soul is MINE!

One of my favorite online stores just happens to be ThinkGeek.com.  They have tons of trinkets and treasure that only people with a particular taste can truly appreciate.  Well one of my co-workers was having a baby shower so I purchased the Goodnight Sleep Trainer for her.  But I couldn’t resist buying another item that I’ve had my eye on for some time.  I also purchased one of humanities greatest inventions of all time! The Annoy-A-Tron.  For a mere $10.00 you can purchase someone’s SOUL!

The Annoy-A-Tron is a very small mother board looking thing that emits a sound every two to five minutes randomly.  While there are two models available I purchased Annoy-A-Tron V1 that only has two sound options; a computer like “BEEP” and a very high pitched, very annoying “BEEP”.  The Annoy-A-Tron is so small that it can fit in tight spaces and even has a magnet so that it can adhere to metal surfaces.  So since I work late every night I decided my victim would be my co-worker Travis AKA Twinkle-Toes.  On Tuesday night I switched the Annoy-A-Tron on and placed it under his desk in a tight little space that nobody could see even if they were specifically looking for something.

Annoy-A-Tron LogBook:

Wednesday: Travis makes no comments regarding the sound.  I’m wondering if I should move the Annoy-A-Tron to a more audible position.  Ultimately I decide to keep it where it is for the time being. 

Thursday 10:00 AM: Travis has made no comments and I decide that I will move the Annoy-A-Tron this evening after everyone leaves.

Thursday 10:05 AM: Travis shouts out: “What the Fuck is that Beep?!”  “Did you hear that?”  The co-workers sitting around his cubical say that they think they can hear it.

Thursday 10:30 AM: Travis is trying to listen for the beep.  His head is tilted and his mouth is open, ears tuned to any little noise.  Just as he gives up the audible search Annoy-A-Tron goes off again.  Travis shouts “There!  Right THERE!  DID YOU HEAR THAT?!”  No Travis I don’t hear anything I say.

Thursday 1:00 PM: Travis is taking apart his office phone thinking that it’s the phone making the horrific noise.

Thursday 1:30 PM: Travis is holding his cell phone up to his ear to see if his cell phone is causing the beep noise.

Thursday 3:00 PM: Travis tells the office manager that he thinks something is wrong with his computer.  Jacob his cubical mate tells the office manager that the sound isn’t related to his computer or his USB battery backup.  (Jacob knows about the Annoy-A-Tron).  Travis looks depressed.

Friday: I have the day off… Nothing to report.

Monday 9:00 AM: Travis is noticeably disturbed. His soul is MINE!

Monday 10:00 AM: I send Travis an email to stir things up…

            Farrah – Travis what’s that beeping noise?

            Travis – Not sure. The only people that have not heard it yet are Susan and Vivian.

            Farrah – Isn’t it driving you crazy?

            Travis – YES! I’m about to KILL someone!

            Farrah – Maybe I should the volume up?

            Travis – Maybe I should Kill you!

            Farrah – HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!  I CONTROL YOU!!

            Travis – Nu uh…

             Farrah – So you’re saying you want me to leave the Annoy-A-Tron plugged in?

            Travis – Oh no! If you have any control on that, please please unplug. Hahaha

            Farrah – It obeys me!  And ME only!  I don’t think I’ll turn it off at this time…

            Travis – Sad Panda

So I tortured Travis for another 30 minutes or so.  But I was sitting in my office crying with laughter as he was shouting about this beep noise.  While I realize that turn about is fair play… But I just can’t resist a good prank.  He’ll get me back somehow – someway. But it was SOOO worth it!


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