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Well my adventurous eating side has gotten the better of me once again.  As anyone who really knows me, knows that I’ll try anything once.  So while searching for a good birthday present for my brother on Thinkgeek.com I came across one of their newest products, Giant Toasted Leafcutter Ants.  As soon as I saw the product I instantly placed it in my shopping cart.  Four days later the can of ants arrived.

Now when people think of ants, they think of the average black ant that ranges in size from a mere 4mm to 6mm in length.  Well the Giant Leafcutter Ant is approximately two inches long.  IT’S HUGE! So when I popped open the top, I really didn’t expect the ants to be so large.

I placed it on top of a quarter just so you can see how large these bad boys are.  Now the smell of these little cooked critters is atrocious!   But from my past experience with the Durian fruit, never base the smell of an item on how it will actually taste.  Since the ants arrived at my office, I of course had to offer them to my fellow co-workers.  There were a total of five brave soles including me who actually tried the ants.  Some coworkers couldn’t even watch us eat them they were so disgusted.  Well we each grabbed an ant and popped them in our mouth.  Now from past experience live ants taste very much like blue cheese.  These cooked ants didn’t taste anything like that.  They have a bitter/tangy taste as you first crunch them, but after a few chews the taste develops into a nutty/bacon-like flavor.  Overall not too bad.  Not necessarily good, but definitely not gross.

I’m not sure what I expected them to taste like, but I just HAD to find out.  If someone tells me their sandwich tastes like a rotting foot, I have to see for myself what rotting foot tastes like.  That’s just part of my natural curiosity.  I guess the good part about this is, that if I ever get stranded in the wild, I have no problem eating my way to civilization.

If you want to expand your eating experience checkout the Edible website… http://www.edible.com/



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A Joke on TSA

I’ve been traveling on business quite frequently this year and while flying is definitely not a fun as it used to be, TSA’s new screening procedures just extends the exasperation and frustration to all the innocent and non-bomb carrying individuals.  Well being the soft spoken jokester that I am, I just couldn’t resist a retaliation effort against TSA in my own way.  So my most recent purchase was a baby blue T-shirt that reads “I got to second base with a TSA screener”.I first wore this shirt while flying home from the Atlanta Georgia Supercross.  Now I know that I’m suppose to remove my jacket prior to going through the X-Ray machine, but to draw more attention to my shirt I walk towards the X-Ray scanner with my jacket on covering up my shirt.  The TSA agent tells me I need to remove my jacket first.  I remove my jacket and face the TSA agent.  The agent reads my shirt, starts laughing and says that that’s the best TSA procedure protest he’d ever seen.    Similar to my “I just washed my ass just in case” T-shirt, the agent calls over more TSA agents to read the shirt.

Even walking through the airport I get people laughing and pointing to the shirt and many people ask where they can buy a shirt like that.

So I leave for Jacksonville Supercross on Thursday morning and you better believe that I’ll be wearing my “Second Base” T-shirt on the way there and the “Washed my ass just in case” T-shirt on the way home!

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