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What’s sweet, has eight legs and a stinging tail?  Why a chocolate covered scorpion of course!  So the fourth round of the Exotic Eats Challenge happened at St. Elmo’s Restaurant in Indianapolis.  While we were waiting for our world famous shrimp cocktails, I handed my Transworld guests FoFo and Dom their exotic eats.  The chocolate covered scorpions arrived in little petri dishes, de-venomized and ready to eat.  Dom turned green at just the sight and thought of eating an insect.  The scorpions were about an inch and a half long and although they were covered in chocolate you could see the outline of the tail with stinger.  So we picked up our scorpions by the tail and toasted to the Exotic Eats Challenge.

I must say that this chocolate covered exotic delight was truly delicious!  It tasted just like a Crunch Bar.  If there was a bowl of these chocolate covered crawlies on the table, I’d be eating them like popcorn.  Everyone at the table who ate a scorpion was very surprised and how yummy they were.  Not a bad experience at all!

While I brought the scorpions, FoFo brought a can of silkworm pupa and dried cuttlefish.  The silkworm pupa looked truly disgusting.  It smelled like a rotting can of spam.  But a challenge is a challenge and I can never back down from tasting something that smells so horrible.  Regardless of the smell I have to know what silkworm pupa tastes like.  So I open the can and pick out a silkworm.  The pupa are in this tuna like can, filled with worms and juice.  So I dry off my pupa on my napkin and with drink handy, I popped it in my mouth.  Instantly this horrible taste floods your mouth.  It is truly disgusting.  Its crunchy and juicy and not in a good way.  Its horrible!  However my reaction, it didn’t stop J and FoFo from eating one too.  Only Dom was too disgusted to eat one.  I chugged my drink just to get the taste out of my mouth.  UGGGG!!!

Next up… Dried Cuttlefish.  This thing is sealed in plastic wrap yet you can still smell it through the plastic.  It smells like a herring has been left in the hot sun for a month.  Once we open the package the smells just intensifies.  Dom turns pale as the smell wafts his way.  But horrible smell and all I take a bite of the dried up critter.  It’s like chewing a dried up rubber band.  As I chew the smell comes up through my nose.  It’s bad tasting for sure, but not as bad as the silkworm pupa.

So both FoFo, J and myself passed the challenge with flying colors!  Next up??  Waiting for my backorder of baked Tarantula!

Exotic Eats Challenge Food:

Toasted Giant Leaf Cutter Ants – CHECK

Mealworms – CHECK

Crickets – CHECK

Mopane Worms – CHECK

Scorpion – CHECK

Silkworm Pupa – CHECK

Cuttlefish – CHECK



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