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Dinner with friends is always a welcomed event.  The friendship, the food, the conversation, the Woot.  What?  Did you say Woot?  Yes that’s right… Woot!

While dining with my friends, throughout the entire meal my friend kept checking his cell phone.  He’d take a bite of his meal, and then check the phone.  Give a quick smile with eye contact, and then check the phone.  Finally J and I asked what he was doing.

“There’s a Woot-off going on!”  C says.

“A what?” J says

“A WOOT-OFF!” C shouts

So what is a Woot-off?  A Woot-Off is kinda like a blowout sale of various products.  The products range from iPads and stereos to stuffed animals and chewing gum.  Usually the prices of these Woot-Off items are pretty damn good.  An item goes up for sale until its sold out, and at that time a new Woot-off item pops up.  But the Holy Grail of Woot items is the elusive Bag of Crap.  Yes it’s sold as A Bag Of Crap.  The Bag of Crap is just that, a bag of crap.  It sells for around $3.00 or a little more and when you buy it; you’re not told what will be inside the bag of crap.  Sometimes it will be T-Shirts, a camera, some toys and other little trinkets.  Other times the Bag of Crap contains Laptops, Televisions, Video Cameras and other wonderful stuff.  So you can see why the Bag of Crap is a coveted commodity.

So my friend has downloaded an Android app called WootWatcher and this program gets push data from the Woot.com website.  So whenever a new item comes up for sale his phone is telling him there’s new item; which is why C is checking his phone ever minute or so.

Just to see what the hub-bub is all about I also download the WootWatcher app.  Almost immediately I understand the addiction.  I’m now getting “Help Help, I’m being Repressed!” ringtone (Monty Python, my preferred Ringtone of choice) when there’s a new Woot item.  And I too have to stop whatever I’m doing and check my phone to see what the new Woot-Off item is.

“Help Help I’m being Repressed!”

I stop mid-sentence …  Damn, its just a stuffed hippo.

Two minutes later…

“Help Help I’m Being Repressed!”

I stop mid-bite…  Hmmmm, A stereo receiver… Nice but I already have one.

“Help Help I’m Being Repressed!”

I quickly dismiss the waiter in order to check my phone…  Ah a camera… Eh mine is still working OK.

I realize that have joined the tens of thousands of people who obsessively check their phone every minute during a Woot-Off.

Last night J and I met some other friends for dinner at Sushi, and I warned them from the beginning that there was a Woot-Off going on.  Thankfully the items in the Woot-Off took a while to sell out so I wasn’t checking my phone every two minutes… It was more like every ten minutes!  Unfortunately that night’s Woot-Off ended without the Bag of Crap coming up.  Disappointed and dejected I put the phone back in my purse.

HOWEVER!  This morning after I powered on my phone I find another Woot-Off going on!  HOORAY!  So I’m at work with my phone by my keyboard, and its going off every three minutes or so, “Help Help I’m Being Repressed!” Obsessively I check and low and behold I find THE BAG OF CRAP!  Instantly I click the I WANT ONE button.  I’m sweating and shaking with excitement.  Buy Buy Buy!!  I envision me opening a box to find valuable treasure inside!  Jewelry and computers and lots of wonderfully expensive things tucked neatly inside the Woot box!   Unfortunately the Woot server crashed because so many other people in my same situation; who’s only goal in life is to obtain a Bag of Crap also clicked the I WANT ONE button at the same time.  So after reloading the page, the Bag of Crap was sold out and in its place is a Denson 5.1 Channel A/V Receiver…

So I live another day, anticipating another chance at the mysterious of Bag of Crap.


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