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I love cooking, but what I love even more, is cooking for a competition.  I’ve entered a brisket cooking competition, a rib cook-off and now a chili cook-off.  My most recent cooking competition was the first annual Hidden Shores Chili Cook-off.  I and a friend hosted it at ourArizonariver palaces.  The first and last place finisher took home a trophy.  First place was a nice tall gold trophy.  Last place was a small toilet trophy.   The winner & loser keeps the trophy in their possession until next year’s chili cook-off, at that point they’ll pass down the trophies to the new winner and loser.  It’s all good tasty fun!

Just like my other food competition events, I carefully take my current recipe and over the course of several test runs I slowly tweak my recipe to be even better.  My Bison Filet Mignon Chili recipe took over four test runs to perfect and get just right.  Now I like a spicy chili as in my mind a good chili is suppose to be spicy. Well apparently my chili is a little too spicy for some people as I took third in the competition.  All I can say is WIMPS!  Don’t come to a chili cook-off if you can’t stand the heat!

It turned out that my mother took first place with her unusual Chili Verde.  Granted it was very good!  The last place finisher was basically a hamburger soup.  It’s all good fun and next year’s event is sure to be even bigger!

The best part about cooking competitions is the taunting and bragging that goes on between competitors.  From the moment you agree to be a competitor, the taunting begins.

I shout to one of my competitors. “You comfortable in the bathroom? Because you’ll be taking home the toilet trophy!”

To which they shouts back

“You might as well bring over the first place trophy now, cause I’ve got in the bag!”

I reply back

“What’s that smell?  Oh yeah, that’s me winning!”

The taunts continue throughout the entire day of cooking.  It’s awesome!

So what will I tweak about my chili for next year?  Well since obviously I’m cooking for a bunch of Wimps… ERRRR “Sensitive Tongue” individuals, I’ll tone down the heat a little, but that’s just about it.

Can’t wait till my next cooking challenge!


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