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Well it’s been awhile since I last posted on the Exotic Eats Challenge.  Unfortunately my Exotic Eats supplier has been backordered on virtually everything for months.  But finally I received my backorder of Giant Grasshoppers, Giant Water Scorpions, Mixed Bugs, Weaver Ants, Silk Worms and Squash Beetles.  I posted on Google+ that my order finally arrived and I got several requests from people who wanted to join the Exotic Eats Challenge.  So while at a friend’s party this weekend I brought the whole shebang including Limburger Cheese that I found at Major Market!

When I ordered the Giant Water Scorpion, I didn’t know it would be quite SO LARGE!  Next time I’ll order at least five of these bad boys!

The Limburger Cheese was HORENDOUS!  I had to double wrap it in two zip lock baggies and that still didn’t stop the smell.  As soon as the baggies were opened, the stench of rotting feet permeated the air.  I was thinking that Limburger could be similar to Durian in the fact that it may taste completely different from what it smells like.  Unfortunately Limburger cheese tastes exactly how it smells… like rotting feet.  Everyone who tried it sprinted to the trash can to spit up the nasty foulness.  Another draw back is that the taste stays in your mouth forever even after you’ve spit it out.  Thankfully I found that eating bacon totally erases the taste from your mouth.

All the insects in the challenge were actually pretty tasty.  The Squash beetles tasted like a cheddar cheese nut.  Everyone who tried them actually was pleasantly surprised at how pleasant these guys were.

I’ve eaten silk worms before, but they were in a liquid like mess that smelled and tasted horrible.  The silk worms that I bought have been baked and were lightly seasoned and were actually pretty good.  I’ll take the baked version anytime!

What do ants taste like?  Depends on how you eat them?  Alive, ants tastes exactly like blue cheese.  Baked, they taste like a tangy bacon dirt mix.  Not exactly delicious, but not terrible.

Every time I have an exotic eats challenge, people always ask “WHY DO YOU EAT THAT?”  To which I reply… “Because my curiosity won’t allow me to NOT try it”.  Over 80% of the world eats insects as part of their daily diet.  And a surprising fact is that if our world population continues on its current trend, eating insects in the future will be mandatory even for us here in the US, because the farming and slaughtering of mammals will not be able to sustain our future consumption.  And for those of you who say you’d never eat a bug… Consider this fact that you eat around a pound of insects annually through the various food processing methods in the typical American diet (cereals, breads, candy, peanut butter and canned fruits and veggies).  So like it or not, you’re eating insects.  Get used to it!  It will be the norm some day.


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