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Well the September 2012 Exotic Eats Challenge has come and gone.  Here’s what was on the menu.

Giant Waterbug

Marinated Baby Octopus


“I Hug, You Hug, We all Hug for Waterbugs!”


FoFo and I met for lunch at Luna Grill and began by removing the legs and wings from our rather large waterbugs.  These creepy crawlers are HUGE.  They span the width of your hand or approximately 3 inches long.  We were advised to remove the legs and wings as they tend to get stuck in your throat (or so they said via YouTube). So once my Waterbug was legless and wingless I took the first tentative nibble.  It’s extremely crunchy and rather tough.  After the first tentative bite, I took a large bite that took off the whole abdomen.  It’s actually not terribly unpleasant.  FoFo described it tasting like dried anchovies.  But I got more of a swampy-grass taste.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s not delicious that’s for sure, but it isn’t the worse thing I’ve ever eaten.  The head part of the waterbug is even crunchier than the body.  Overall – the waterbug wasn’t as bad as I was expecting.  Would I eat another one?  Eh probably not.


Now onto the Octopus…


“I cuss, You Cuss, We all Cuss for Octopus!”


The baby octopus that FoFo brought from a Japanese market was so much worse than the waterbug.  I know that eating octopus is much more acceptable than eating waterbug, but honestly, I’d rather eat another waterbug.  The baby octopus’ are marinated in some kind of spicy red sauce with sesame seeds.  It’s got a little tang to it and has dyed the octopus bodies a bright red.  I pick up my octopus and nibble off a tentacle.  Even though it’s been marinating in this red sauce it tastes just like an old rubber band smells.  The texture is very very very chewy.  After swallowing the tentacle, I elect to just pop the whole thing in my mouth and get it over with.  Bad mistake.  The texture of the body is even worse.  For the first time since starting the challenge I’m getting a slight gag reflex.  It’s not necessarily from the taste itself, but from the texture.  It’s a slimy, chewy mess.  Thankfully I chew past the reflex and manage to swallow the critter.  UGG!  The waterbug was so much better.  Our waiter wanders over and asks what we’re doing.  FoFo offers him an octopus which he does take and eats.  He says it taste just like kung pao.  Yeah I don’t think so. 


So both FoFo and I passed our challenge and we’ll meet again next month to accept another Exotic Eats Challenge.




Meal Worm


Giant Leaf Cutter Ants

Mopani Worms

Silk Worm Pupa

Silk Worms



Squash Beetle

Weaver Ants


Giant Waterbug

Baby Octopus


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