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YAY!! Mother Goose is finally completed!  Who is Mother Goose?  Mother Goose is my custom made AR15. (Yes, I name almost everything I own)  Instead of buying a readymade AR right off the shelf which can weigh over 7 lbs without a magazine clip and cost over $1000, I decided to piece together an AR using the lightest parts and pieces that I could find (and afford).  Mother Goose weighs a mere 5.6 lbs!  Perfect for me!



Yeah I’m a woman who loves guns.  And yes I own several varieties of guns.  From a single action revolver to a semi-automatic 40 and many in-between.  Both J and I have lifetime memberships to Front Sight Firearms Training Institute.  We take our guns seriously and are serious about gun safety.  Most my guns are kept in a large safe and the ones that aren’t are kept in a nightstand quick access safe.  Is there a chance that I child could get access to my guns?  Not a chance unless that child is a master safe cracker.



I’ve been working on Mother Goose for almost a year.  Parts for an AR can sometimes take months to come in.  I waited for the barrel for over four months. Little by little I waited and collected the specific pieces I wanted for the gun.  After it’s all said and done, it’s so worth it!  But occasionally I get questions from people as to why I even own an AR15?  Why?  Because I have a constitutional right to own one!  Why?  Because I don’t already have one! And the biggest reason why? Because I love shooting guns! I find it interesting that some people actually get offended when I tell them I own an AR15. “Why would you need a military grade weapon for home use?!” They get physically mad that I have a legal right to own such a weapon.  “Think of the children of Sandy Cook!” they’ll tell me.  To which I reply, The Sandy Cook shooter was mentally unstable and it’s because our country chooses to ignore mental health as a serious issue as to one of the reasons why I own so many guns.  (That and the coming Zombie Apocalypse).



In fact, I’ve already started working on another AR project build, but going for mil spec this time.  I’m really excited to shoot Mother Goose for the first time and learn what characteristics it will have.  Each gun that I own has its own personality like a living being.  My little 9mm is an aggressive little gun that requires a firm hand, while my 40 is a soft shooter that shoots better if it’s not manhandled so to speak.  The Luger 22 is temperamental and only likes certain ammunition.  The single action is old reliable.  A big part of gun ownership is learning the characteristics of your weapon and being comfortable with your weapon.  If you’re not comfortable with your weapon, you shouldn’t own the weapon.  Training and practicing is one of the keys to gun safety.  So the next step for Mother Goose is to head to the range and get her sighted.  Then hopefully on one of the weekends that I’m not traveling, take a rifle shooting course at Front Sight.  So looking forward to it.



One of my favorite things to do is take all the guns and drive to my Arizona place.  There we’ll pack up the RZR with all the guns and head out into the Bad Lands for several hours of target shooting. It’s fun and rewarding for me to improve my shooting skills.  The smell of the spent shells, the sounds; just being outdoors is enjoyable. 



So I’m sure I’ll be posting updates on my latest project in the near future as well as photos and videos of Mother Goose in action.  Have fun and be safe! 


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