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I LOVE giving presents.  I love taking time to think about what would be a perfect gift.  My younger brother Huckleberry and I are always on a quest to find THE perfect gift for each other.  This past Christmas I gave my brother the ultimate for hand crafted present treasures. It took several long hours and but it was so worth all the extra effort.  Before I reveal what the gift was I need to do some explaining of some past gifts which will explain the reasoning for this year’s gift.   

I had given my brother a book containing several of his poetic works and in the introduction to the book I explained a little about my brother.  It is here that the theme of his future presents was conceived.  In the introduction there was a sentence that read, “He is the world’s only certified Squirrel Whisperer.”  So, the theme Squirrel has stuck ever since.  That following Christmas I found a painting of a squirrel in a forest, holding a nut and wearing white underwear.  It was great.  But it wasn’t so good that it earned a spot on the wall IN his house.  This painting unfortunately was only deemed worthy enough to hang in his garage.


The following year I had found a real stuffed squirrel foot necklace which he does occasionally wear to special events.  You know, weddings, funerals, baby showers… 


So, come summer time I was stressing about what I would get him.  Then it hit me.  Instead to trying to find a squirrel painting I would paint it myself!  Being that my skill with painting on canvas is extremely limited, I decided to create the painting in Photoshop.  I scoured the internet for suitable photographs that I could digitally tweak and recreate using some of the wondrous tools of Adobe.  Using paintbrush filters, color matching and other options I finally had a masterpiece!  This painting for sure would earn a spot actually on the wall IN his home!

So I had the digital art printed on canvas and then framed an “About the Painting” like you see with many famous art pieces.  The painting is titled, “Nuces Vobis Promisi Me!” which translates to “You Promised Me Nuts!”  And without further delay here is the famous painting.


I also captured my brother response to the painting on video.


SO “You Promised Me Nuts!” did indeed earn a spot inside my brother’s house and is front and center on the mantel of their living room.  I’m honored but the greatest pleasure is seeing my brother’s face when he sees these special presents.  It’s January now and it gives me plenty of time to think about the 2014 Christmas treasure!


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