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As some of you know, almost a year ago I installed a video surveillance camera at my house due to some packages repeatedly getting stolen.  Ever since the camera was installed and the sign warning that the house was being monitored via video there hasn’t been another package theft incident since – that is until yesterday.

So yesterday early afternoon I get a ping from my video camera saying that there’s activity at my house.  I check the footage and it’s my mailman delivering a small package to my front door.  He delivered the package at around 10:15 am.  Several hours later I get another ping from the camera.  It’s a man that I don’t recognize.  He walks up to the house talking on the phone and smoking a cigarette.  He bends down, picks up the small package, turns and looks in the Feed America Food Bin and walks away with my small package.  Thankfully my camera was able to get a face shot of the Assclown.

Instantly my blood begins to boil and I’m livid that he’s back to thieving property that isn’t his own.  I download the video from Mangocam and pull apart the head and body shots. So below is the face of the thief.


As soon as I got home I called the Escondido Police to file an incident report.  The officer who showed up said the head shot is actually pretty good and that they can look up the guy’s tattoos in their tattoo database.  The officer said that more than likely this isn’t this guy’s first rodeo and that he’s a serial thief.  I realize that more than likely they aren’t going to catch this guy anytime soon.  It’s just a fact, but I do take consolation in that the package that he stole was actually a shipment of Insect Protein Granola Bars!!  Best trolling ever!!   http://www.chapul.com


So today I made posters to attach to my front door and entry way.  I’ve also created a bright “Look At Me” sign which I’ll put up next to my camera so it catches someone’s eye and I’ll hopefully get a direct face shot in to the camera.  I am going to start placing the “Dog Shit Box decoy” out when I leave for the day.

So I’ve warned my neighbors about the thief and to keep an eye out for a guy fitting this description.  Hopefully this guy is enjoying the delicious taste of the bug granola bars instead of stealing other people’s property.  If not, let’s hope he gets caught sometime soon.



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