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Liberate Your Nose!

It’s not very often that I tout a product via my blog, but for this one product I feel it’s my duty as a fellow human to promote how truly beneficial it is to our society as a whole.  No I don’t work for this company and no I’m not getting compensation from them in any form.  The product?  Poo-Pourri!  Yes that’s right Poo-Pourri!  What is Poo-Pourri? It’s the before you go bathroom toilet spray.  Why in world am I so excited about a bathroom function product?  Because it really works and has liberated our noses from people’s natural bathroom processes.

Originally I saw a YouTube commercial from the company featuring an intestinally distressed Santa who failed to use the product and woke the household with the foul stench.  As a gag, I ordered the product and placed it our guest bathroom.  I told J to test the product the next time he needed to take the kids to the pool.  Boy howdy did he test it!!  And as the product claims, it really works!  So I bought more product.  I bought some for the women’s and men’s restroom at the office.  I was tired of people using the flower fields spray that was always used, as to me there’s nothing worse than the smell of a bouquet of flowers and fresh feces!  So placed the Poo-Pourri bottle on the toilet and I made a little sign next to the bottle for both the men’s and women’s restrooms which reads, “Spritz the bowl BEFORE you go and no one else will ever know!” and ever since it’s been wonderful.  I got a text message from one of the employees in the office that literally reads:

“Your Poo-Pourri stuff is awesome!  Someone massacred that bowl! More skid marks than Daytona Motor Speedway, but smelled fresh as a daisy!!!”


So if you live with a “cable layer” or you yourself are a “rotten log dropper” I HIGHLY recommend you check out Poo-Pourri!  No matter what kind of bomb you drop, all we’ll smell is freshness.


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