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I just realized that I never blogged about the most recent Exotic Eats Challenge.  No it wasn’t bugs!  This time I imported a delicacy from Sweden.  And as foreign delicacies go, there’s a 50/50 chance that it will be delicious or disgusting.  I knew going into this that it wasn’t going to be delicious.

So the item I chose is called Surstrommings.  It’s fermented herring and comes in a can that looks like it’s from World War 2.  The pressure of the fermented herring inside has caused the can to convex on all sides.  There’s so much pressure inside that when the can opener punctured the lid there was a loud PPPSSSSSFFFFFFFTTTTT of gas that jettisoned out.  As soon as the gas escaped, the noxious smell began wafting in the air, immediately drawing the attention of every fly within a 5 mile radius.


How do I describe the smell of Surstrommings?  Think of a bucket of old vomit, a pile of diarrhea and death sitting together in a small room and they all said “Hey Lets Party”.  It’s safe to say Surstrommings is the worst thing I have ever smelled in my entire life.  And it’s not just “Oh hey that smells bad”, it’s more like “OH HOLY MOTHER FUCKING CHRIST THAT SHIT STANKS!”  There’s absolutely no way this product can be opened indoors.  Even opening this outdoors was enough to make onlookers’ dry heave.

So we popped the top of the can and ogled the shear hideousness of the contents.  It’s a soup of putrefied mess with pink-like flesh strips in a broth of gray juice.  Mmmmmm!

IMG_1886 IMG_18881

So I fork out a little strip and put it on my cracker.  Of course I have to smell it before it goes in my mouth.  YUP STILL STANKS!


After munching – I must say the taste isn’t nearly as foul as the smell.  It doesn’t taste good that’s for sure, but not the worst thing I’ve eaten.  The taste is really fishy fish mixed with a bad cheese.  The worst part about Surstrommings is after you swallow it, you’ll be burping up that smell for the rest of the day.  And let me tell you, that burp air is something foul.  Nothing masks it.  Not gum, not Listerine, not even eating other pungent food.  Everyone who imbibed in the Surstrommings also complained of the foul burps that followed.  Whenever I felt one coming on I’d either dash quickly outside or out into our warehouse so I didn’t stink up my office.

IMG_3976 IMG_7129 IMG_1347 IMG_9840

I’m really not sure how anyone could view Surstrommings as delicious. The smell! Oh the Smell! Delicacy NO!  Biological Weapon? YES!  Want to try Surstrommings for yourself and see if my descriptions are accurate?  Check out http://www.swedishfoodshop.com/fermented-herring-oskars

IMG_18891 IMG_9195 IMG_7339


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