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Now that it’s basically summer time, my BBQ’ing frequency has significantly increased.  Yesterday after I got home from work, I was going to BBQ some chicken that I had been marinating since Monday.  As I uncovered the BBQ, the sweet, thick and sickly smell of death wafted past my nose.  Woah – something is dead around here.  So I start checking all around the grates of the grill, inside the BBQ cabinet and don’t find anything.  So I widen the search to areas around the BBQ.  That’s when I found this poor little guy stuck to the fence in two places.


I have no idea how long, (let’s call him Kevin) had been stuck to the fence.  Upon further inspection, Kevin’s tail was caught on one side of the fence and his head was stuck on an adjoining fence.  Truly a feat I wouldn’t have even imagined possible.


So I put on some rubber gloves and pulled poor Kevin off the fence.  Among Kevin’s possessions was a picture of David Carradine.  Hmmmm this explains everything!  Further evaluation into Kevin’s life reveals a sordid past of auto-erotic self-asphyxiation.  Unfortunately for Kevin, this time his erotic asphyxiation play went too far.   Rest in peace Kevin.


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