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There are many things in life that most people have a severe adverse reaction to.  These may include such things as cockroaches, boogers, feces, etc.  This month I can cross feces off that list cause that’s exactly what the December 2016 Exotic Eats Challenge included!

Feces – noun, (used with a plural verb) waste matter discharged from the intestines through the anus; excrement.

This particular feces was in a form called Bugapoop Tea.  That’s right – Bug Poop Tea. The product description reads: Aged Moth Larvae Droppings in Tea Bags.  Bugapoop Tea is a special tea made from the feces of the grain moth larvae.  These larvae are fed on nothing else but special tea leaves that have been naturally fermented.  As the leaves pass through the larvae’s body they continue fermentation.  Their droppings are handpicked and collected.  Droppings are then dried and then further aged.  100% Grain Moth Larvae Droppings.

MMMMMMMM doesn’t that just make you want to smack your lips and shout “Pour me some of that delicious Bugapoop Tea!”


So there FoFo and I are sitting at Island’s Restaurant steeping our Bugapoop tea.  The bag says that the longer you steep the tea the more mellow, sweeter and less pungent the flavor will be.  PUNGENT…  Pungent is kinda like the word “Moist”.  It just conjures up some vivid, not so pleasant images when I say the word.  So I’ve steeped my tea to be “less pungent” from a see-through slight brown color to a solid coffee black color.

The smell of the tea reminds me of wet dirt and surprisingly the taste is similar to bark/dirt.  Definitely not as horrible or “pungent” as I had thought.  In fact as we sat there eating our lunch we both occasionally instead of sipping our sodas, sipped the Bugapoop tea instead.



So… would I drink this tea again?  Ehhhh maybe.  I wouldn’t go out rushing to buy some more that’s for sure!  But overall if you’re into exotic teas, give it a try!


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What day is it???  It’s Exotic Eats Challenge Day!   What delicious treat are we experiencing today?




This is a cooked and dehydrated Zebra tarantula with a light dusting of BBQ seasoning.  MMMMMMM!


“Harry” the Zebra Tarantula came packaged in a can and then sealed in a little bag with a moisture bead sack.  Unfortunately his butt broke off in transport but you can clearly see Harry was indeed a real live tarantula at one time.  Harry lives up to his name and he’s covered in tiny little tarantula hairs.  He’s a bit larger than I expected; but I’m not one to back down from an exotic eats challenge.  Let’s get this spider meal started.


So my companion and I place Harry on a plate and arrange him for a more appealing plate setting.  Sorry I’m missing the garnish.  Since I’ve never eaten spider before I thought I’d start with something a little less intimidating than the larger, fleshy body – I’ll start with the legs.  I break off a leg and pop it into my mouth.  It’s very dry but at the same time very chewy.  If you want to know what it tastes like, go outside to your nearest tree, pick off a piece of bark and just start chewing it.  Some might call it earthy?  The aftertaste of the leg however is very similar to non-seasoned beef jerky.  OK so spider leg is not so bad.


This time I pick off the fangs from his head and take a bite of his body.  Harry is tough!  Remember when I said the legs aren’t so bad?  Well the body is gross.  All those spider innards are NOT tasty.  Think bark/dirt/beef all combined into one taste.  It isn’t pleasant at all.  I tried to take a bite of the abdomen but I literally couldn’t break it with my teeth it’s that hard.  I certainly don’t want to take a trip to the dentist because I chipped a molar on a dried tarantula butt.


Doctor: Tell me again how you broke your tooth?
Me: Eating a Tarantula.
Doctor: A tarantula? As in Spider?
Me: Yup.  That sucker was fighting for his life!



The legs really weren’t so bad.  So I dressed up a piece of my salad with a tarantula leg.  Mmmmm Spider goodness.  Opinion – overall, I don’t need to eat tarantula again, but I do highly recommend eating tarantula if you’re into trying something truly unique.  Go ahead!  Break down that arachnophobia barrier and start munching down on one of those harry eight legged fanged demons!


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