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My family has a tradition of meeting for “family dinner” once a month at a different restaurant each month. This month, was my brother and his wife’s turn to choose where we were going to eat. However there was a condition to their choice – We were all going to participate in the “Thrift Shop Challenge” and go to dinner in our outfits.

What is the “Thrift Shop Challenge” you ask? Well it’s a fun and embarrassing game that helps support the Amvets or Salvation Army etc. Everyone places their name and clothing size information on a piece of paper and drops it into a hat. Then everyone chooses a name from that hat. Our family decided that the dollar figure could not exceed $20.00. The objective was to find your chosen person an outfit for them to wear to dinner. There were some rules – no ass-less chaps or anything that exposed too much skin, but everything else was fair game.

After all the names were drawn from the hat, the picks were ready:
Farrah dressing Mom,
Jeff dressing Nathan,
Kim dressing Farrah,
Dad dressing Daven,
Mom Dressing Dad
Daven dressing Jeff.

Instantly my devious mind set to work and off I head to one of the largest thrift stores in Escondido, Valley Thrift! The place is packed with all sorts of treasures and Like Washington crossing the Delaware – TO THE WOMEN’S DEPARTMENT!

Oh the choices! Do I choose the brown corduroy pants with bedazzled pockets? Ooooh What about this flashy green and yellow skirt? Oh my! Polka dot short shorts and yellow tights??? Then I spot it… The hat that will dictate the entire outfit. It’s a pink fedora with black sequins! THAT’S IT! OK the theme is a combination of 80’s Pimp and Steven Tyler’s Mom!

Take a look at this treasure!


On the evening of the dinner we met at Nathan and Kim’s house and unveiled each outfit piece by piece. PURE GOLD! From a fur neck cuff to a Viking horn coffee mug necklace; it’s all PURE FASHION GOLD. So we all get dressed and pose for the first round of photos. Then off to True Food Kitchen in UTC for some true embarrassment.

So there we are – the Thrift Store Clan invading the well-to-do hoity toity in the UTC shopping center as we walk from the parking structure to the restaurant. You should have seen the looks we were generating from the locals. We hear whispers like, “OH My God!”, “Did you see her shoes?”, “What the…”. Just envision – I’m attempting to walk through the mall with my 7” platform heals, mom in her flowing in the wind “bath robe overcoat”, Nathan in his shirt that looks like He-Man exploded, Jeff just looking damn cool, Dad looking like he just left Walmart and Daven looking like he just joined the navy. It’s priceless. We are just about to get to the restaurant when we hear a couple talking,

The husband asks, “What about True Food?”
Wife responds, “I don’t think we’re dressed approp…”
She see’s us walking up to the restaurant
Wife comments “Oh my”

Yes we are sight to be seen. But for how embarrassing it is to be walking out in public in our outfits, it is still fun and everyone is laughing up a storm!


So we have all decided that this challenge is going to be an annual event. So if you want a good laugh that helps a good cause – I highly recommend trying a thrift Shop challenge. Who knows what treasure you’ll find!



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If you’re someone who is afflicted with migraines such as myself, I can sympathize with your plight.  I can’t count how many times I’ve had to readjust my migraine medicine because it either doesn’t work, doesn’t work good enough or my body slowly acclimates to it and the medicine becomes less and less effective.  From Maxmalt to Sumotriptan to Rizatriptan.  I’m lucky if I can reduce the pain that makes me want to jump out in front of a bus.  And I’m not talking pain for a couple of hours, I’m talking pain that last for two to three days.  I get the typical aura which I call TV static.  This is the warning that a migraine is starting and I need to get the meds on board and find myself a cold, dark, silent room and a comfy couch or bed because pain like the flames of a million hells will be starting in about 30 minutes.

So after a particularly bad migraine that took me down for three days and left vision disturbance for weeks afterwards, I was desperate to try anything that’s rumored to work.  I continually scout the migraine clinical trials to see if there is anything in my area and unfortunately everything is usually up in Los Angeles.  So when a coworker said that I might try a piercing I was skeptical but also intrigued.  So I got to work researching.  The piercing is called a Daith Piercing.  You’d think it would be pronounced just the way it reads (Day-th) nope.  It’s actually pronounced (Doth).  Basically you get your inner ear cartilage pierced with either a barbell or a ring.  The theory is that there is an acupressure point in this location that is purported to help with migraine pain.  It’s reported that this piercing location should either reduce frequency, severity or eliminate migraines all together.


Willing to try anything I started watching YouTube videos on people getting their daith pierced.  I saw people who got pierced like it was nothing and I saw people who were screaming in pain during the procedure.  I wasn’t sure how I would react to the piercing, all I knew is that I needed to find the absolute BEST person possible for the job.  So after an extensive search of piercing shops in my area I chose 101 Piercing in Encinitas.  Their reviews were five stars and everyone raved about them.  So no appointment necessary – I committed to getting the piercing on Friday March 10th.

101 Piercing is incredibly clean and their selection of jewelry is amazing! So I selected a titanium ring and a blue sapphire gem.  I’m told what to expect in terms of pain, aftercare and warnings. I sign the waiver and off to the piercing room I go.  The piercer asks if I get dizzy or faint easily and I reply yes I have a thing about needles.  “Okkie dokkie we’ll just have you relax in the chair afterwards for a while just in case.” He tells me to take slow deep breaths in through my nose and out from my mouth.  He makes a little purple mark where the needle will be lined up and tells me to take one more deep breath.  In goes the needle and I barely felt a thing.  I felt pressure, but that’s about it. No screaming, no crying no peeing or pooping!  SCORE! I have heard that the worst was yet to come when they insert the jewelry.  But again, as he’s sliding in the ring I’m not feeling anything that I would consider painful at all.  So my experience of getting a daith piercing has been virtually painless.

Video of the Piercing

So Now the Results So Far:

They say that when you get your daith pierced for Migraines you need to get the piercing on the side that you primarily feel the pain.  Unfortunately for me, my pain is central.  I don’t have a particular side that hurts worse than the other.  This meant that I might possibly need to have both ears pierced to fully help with my migraines. I chose to get my left ear done first as I primarily sleep on my right side.  I also wanted to experience the healing process before I got the other ear done.  Be advised that healing time for a daith piercing can be up to six months!  Once you get the piercing the site will ache for a couple of hours afterwards.  The ache is by no means painful, it’s just a minor dull ache.  But in my experience any ache stopped about an hour after the piercing.  Cleaning it for the first two days was pretty sore.  It did hurt to move the ring with a Q-Tip to clean the area.  However, I’m on day four as I’m writing this and cleaning has become easier and easier and less sore every day.  I still can’t sleep on my left side yet, but I think give it another week and I’ll be able to.

So has it changed anything?  In a nutshell YES.

Unfortunately I got a migraine on Saturday, one day after the piercing and felt so dejected, sad and mad at the same time.  My immediate thought was that the piercing didn’t work.  The migraine started with the typical aura and I took my meds as I usually do BUT instead of being knocked down for hours or days, surprisingly the pain was totally reduced.  I only had the migraine headache for about two hours!  And when I say pain I’ll compare it to pain that I experienced before and after the piercing on a 1 to 10.  BEFORE the piercing the pain was off the scale at an 11.  I wanted to kill myself.  It felt like my head was going to collapse within itself; and that said pain would last for hours on end if not days.  AFTER the piercing, the pain was a 2 and lasted only about two hours!  I was totally functional even with a migraine.  Normally I’d be camped out on the couch in my darkened living room with a cold washcloth over my eyes praying for the sweet kiss of death.  But not this time.  This time I gave Ol’ Death the one-two and went along with my day.  Will all my future migraines be this easy/gentle?  Who knows, but I will say it’s the first migraine that I have ever had in my life where it didn’t feel like an elephant with spiked heels was standing on my head and that my skull was about to implode from the pressure.  I am only four days into my piercing, so I am still learning what the full results of the procedure will be.  But I’ll keep posting on the results as time goes by.

Was the piercing worth it?  HELL YES!

Will I be getting the other ear pierced? HELL YES!  I’m going to wait until my left ear is healed, then I’ll go back to 101 Piercing and get the other side done.

Do I recommend the piercing?  Why not?  It’s just a piercing and in the end it looks totally cute!

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Ahhh pets… For those of us who don’t have kids, our pets are our children.  Bogie my dog, is highly intelligent yet slightly neurotic.  We’ve trained him to ring a doorbell when he wants to go outside.  Unfortunately, sometimes his neurotic side kicks in and he rings the doorbell just because.  Sometimes he rings the doorbell because we wants to race across the lawn and bark at any birds that are trespassing and roosting on the fence.  Or maybe he’ll ring it to check that the lizard isn’t invading in the corner.

Well it has been raining pretty frequently here in California and my backyards’ drainage system just hasn’t been keeping up with the rain and as a result I basically have a small pond in my lawn.  So last night when Bogie rang the doorbell, I hesitated thinking that he’d just run through the pond and track in a bunch of mud on his way in or check the corner for his nemesis the lizard.  I ignored Bogie’s doorbell the first time and asked him “Do you really need to go out?” and continued to clean the kitchen.  Bogie rings the doorbell again and turns and looks at me.  As he’s looking at me, and as I’m headed toward the door, Bogie uncontrollably releases diarrhea on the carpet!

Apparently, yes he really did need to go out!

My automatic reaction is to shout NOOOOOOOOOOO, even as the evil continues to cascade from Bogie’s bowels.  Bogie is now scared of his loving mom shouting NOOOOOO and running towards him and the door.  He takes a step back, paw landing right into his fresh steamy pile.  Just as I’m about to reach him he takes off around the living room, leaving fresh poop marks with every step he takes.  OMG BOGIE!!! STOPPEN!  (German for stop or freeze)

Bogie timidly stops and his little doberman ears go into “Yoda” mode which means he knows he’s done something bad (even if it was an accident).  Poop is everywhere!  There’s a trail of it in various circles all over the living room.  FOREVER UNCLEAN!!

I walk Bogie out into the garage, fill my garden bucket with water, put on some super heavy duty kitchen gloves and start washing his paws.  As I walked back into the house and stand at the kitchen surveying the damage, the smell Lord the smell!

Resolve Carpet Cleaner? Check!
Gloves? Check!
Scrubby Brush? Check!
Despair and anger with a dash of humiliation? Double Check…

An hour later with a blister on my thumb from scrubbing, the carpet has no more poop marks.  Instead now it has these bright clean spots sporadically spaced around the living room.  I can just see my welcome greeting to any future guests, “Welcome to my home, pay no attention to the shit stains…”

So this morning after a really good night sleep, I open the door to my room and I’m greeted by the familiar stench of dog poop.  Yeah, today I’ll be calling a carpet cleaner to come and thoroughly clean the evil that inherently still resides in the carpet.

Poor Bogie and his loose bowels.  I guess this will teach me to get the doorbell on Bogie’s first ring…

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There are many things in life that most people have a severe adverse reaction to.  These may include such things as cockroaches, boogers, feces, etc.  This month I can cross feces off that list cause that’s exactly what the December 2016 Exotic Eats Challenge included!

Feces – noun, (used with a plural verb) waste matter discharged from the intestines through the anus; excrement.

This particular feces was in a form called Bugapoop Tea.  That’s right – Bug Poop Tea. The product description reads: Aged Moth Larvae Droppings in Tea Bags.  Bugapoop Tea is a special tea made from the feces of the grain moth larvae.  These larvae are fed on nothing else but special tea leaves that have been naturally fermented.  As the leaves pass through the larvae’s body they continue fermentation.  Their droppings are handpicked and collected.  Droppings are then dried and then further aged.  100% Grain Moth Larvae Droppings.

MMMMMMMM doesn’t that just make you want to smack your lips and shout “Pour me some of that delicious Bugapoop Tea!”


So there FoFo and I are sitting at Island’s Restaurant steeping our Bugapoop tea.  The bag says that the longer you steep the tea the more mellow, sweeter and less pungent the flavor will be.  PUNGENT…  Pungent is kinda like the word “Moist”.  It just conjures up some vivid, not so pleasant images when I say the word.  So I’ve steeped my tea to be “less pungent” from a see-through slight brown color to a solid coffee black color.

The smell of the tea reminds me of wet dirt and surprisingly the taste is similar to bark/dirt.  Definitely not as horrible or “pungent” as I had thought.  In fact as we sat there eating our lunch we both occasionally instead of sipping our sodas, sipped the Bugapoop tea instead.



So… would I drink this tea again?  Ehhhh maybe.  I wouldn’t go out rushing to buy some more that’s for sure!  But overall if you’re into exotic teas, give it a try!

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Now that it’s basically summer time, my BBQ’ing frequency has significantly increased.  Yesterday after I got home from work, I was going to BBQ some chicken that I had been marinating since Monday.  As I uncovered the BBQ, the sweet, thick and sickly smell of death wafted past my nose.  Woah – something is dead around here.  So I start checking all around the grates of the grill, inside the BBQ cabinet and don’t find anything.  So I widen the search to areas around the BBQ.  That’s when I found this poor little guy stuck to the fence in two places.


I have no idea how long, (let’s call him Kevin) had been stuck to the fence.  Upon further inspection, Kevin’s tail was caught on one side of the fence and his head was stuck on an adjoining fence.  Truly a feat I wouldn’t have even imagined possible.


So I put on some rubber gloves and pulled poor Kevin off the fence.  Among Kevin’s possessions was a picture of David Carradine.  Hmmmm this explains everything!  Further evaluation into Kevin’s life reveals a sordid past of auto-erotic self-asphyxiation.  Unfortunately for Kevin, this time his erotic asphyxiation play went too far.   Rest in peace Kevin.

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After months of hunting, we happily welcomed a new addition to our off-road stable on Monday.  For the last six months we have been searching Craigslist, IH8MUD, and various other off-road forums to locate the elusive 1994-1996 Toyota Land Cruiser preferably with Lockers.  When we finally located something good, we found that the truck had already been sold in the past hour or sometimes just minutes ago.  We had traveled hundreds of miles to view vehicles that were listed as “Good Condition” only to show up and find the entire undercarriage of the truck is covered in rust or oil and the gas tank is being held up by a piece of rope.  To say we were disappointed with the availability of quality trucks within our price range was an understatement.



Thankfully about two weeks ago a friend of ours heard through the Cruiser grapevine that a quality FJ80 might go on the market soon.  It was a Gray Toyota 1996 FJ80, with Lockers and only 167,700 miles.  It already had front and rear bumpers, a winch, a 3” lift and even came with an awesome radio and a CB.  Although it was slightly out of our initial budget, it was everything we wanted.  As soon as that rumor was out, we were trying to get in contact with the seller.  Unfortunately one of our other cruiser friends was also in the hunt for a new-used cruiser as well.  We didn’t want to undercut our friend, but thankfully our friend found out that we were hot to trot on the truck, he backed out and put in a good word for us with the seller.  To our excitement the seller agreed to sell the truck and we exchanged money for the title on Monday!  I had a smile ear to ear as we drove it home.


BUT with the smiles comes the tears.  Since the addition of the FJ80, we’ll now need to say goodbye to our old 1983 CJ7 Jeep, lovingly named El Blanco.  We’ve done multiple overnight off-road trips with El Blanco and lately he’s completed every off-road challenge flawlessly.  It’s funny, when you put so many man-hours into restoring and fixing a vehicle it starts to develop a personality and earns small place in your heart.  I can still remember selling my very first truck that I bought at 16 with my own hard earned money.  Years later, I cried the day it drove way with its new owner.  I will miss El Blanco when we finally sell it.  Even though he’s old, he’s a fun and quirky little Jeep.  Like a breeder selling a puppy, I won’t let El Blanco go to anyone “unworthy”.


So, soon we’ll be making new memories, taking new adventures, and undoubtedly working well into the night tinkering with our new treasure for many years to come.  The only thing now is to come up with an appropriate name for the new ride.

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Well I have started a new hobby!  In addition to my frequent attendance at the local shooting range and attending  the San Diego Well Armed Woman Club, I have decide to try competitive shooting.  This is basically where you’re placed in front of several paper and steel targets and you need to put a certain number of bullets on each target as fast as possible.  Sometimes the course is set up so that you’re running from one target to another.  For someone who is used to shooting from a standing position (not moving), running with a loaded gun is quite unnerving.  It’s kinda like running with scissors; yeah you can do it, but it just feels all wrong.


I started my first training session about a month ago and had my second training session last weekend.  While I’m a pretty decent shot from a non-moving stance, it’s another world entirely when you have to combine movement, speed and accuracy at the same time.

20160304_120201 from Farrah Bauer on Vimeo.

I’ll be competing in Production Class A in two weeks and I can already say that I’m nervous.  I know that everyone at some point had to start at the beginning, but I feel like I’m going up against the Super Shooters of California.  Just don’t want to be disqualified for making a stupid mistake.


So I’ll keep you guys posted on how I do.  In the mean-time here’s a funny blooper moment from last weekend’s training session.  This is called disaster management.  Obviously I didn’t get the magazine fully seated while running.  DOH!


20160304_112833 from Farrah Bauer on Vimeo.

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