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There are many things in life that most people have a severe adverse reaction to.  These may include such things as cockroaches, boogers, feces, etc.  This month I can cross feces off that list cause that’s exactly what the December 2016 Exotic Eats Challenge included!

Feces – noun, (used with a plural verb) waste matter discharged from the intestines through the anus; excrement.

This particular feces was in a form called Bugapoop Tea.  That’s right – Bug Poop Tea. The product description reads: Aged Moth Larvae Droppings in Tea Bags.  Bugapoop Tea is a special tea made from the feces of the grain moth larvae.  These larvae are fed on nothing else but special tea leaves that have been naturally fermented.  As the leaves pass through the larvae’s body they continue fermentation.  Their droppings are handpicked and collected.  Droppings are then dried and then further aged.  100% Grain Moth Larvae Droppings.

MMMMMMMM doesn’t that just make you want to smack your lips and shout “Pour me some of that delicious Bugapoop Tea!”


So there FoFo and I are sitting at Island’s Restaurant steeping our Bugapoop tea.  The bag says that the longer you steep the tea the more mellow, sweeter and less pungent the flavor will be.  PUNGENT…  Pungent is kinda like the word “Moist”.  It just conjures up some vivid, not so pleasant images when I say the word.  So I’ve steeped my tea to be “less pungent” from a see-through slight brown color to a solid coffee black color.

The smell of the tea reminds me of wet dirt and surprisingly the taste is similar to bark/dirt.  Definitely not as horrible or “pungent” as I had thought.  In fact as we sat there eating our lunch we both occasionally instead of sipping our sodas, sipped the Bugapoop tea instead.



So… would I drink this tea again?  Ehhhh maybe.  I wouldn’t go out rushing to buy some more that’s for sure!  But overall if you’re into exotic teas, give it a try!


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Last weekend our new sales manager Robbi and I had to travel to Dallas Texas for the Tucker Rocky Distributor show. And most of you know that I can never turn down an opportunity to go to Texas. SO… what better way to celebrate being in Texas than with an exotic eats challenge!


FoFo was going to be in Texas for the same event so I packed my special exotic eats surprise into my carryon bag and counted the hours until Friday night’s dinner with FoFo. For the location of the dinner, FoFo chose Papasito’s which is famous for its Carne Asada and tortillas. And I must say the carne asada was truly the best I’ve ever had in my life. Granted it was also the most expensive carne asada I’ve ever had in my life as well. Papasito’s prices are on par with an expensive steak house. Think $27 for an enchilada… The place is pricy and also was packed to the gills with would be carne asada connoisseurs. So Robbi, FoFo and I sat down at our table and after we had ordered our drinks I brought out the “appetizer”.


I couldn’t wait to see the look on FoFo’s face when presented with the Giant Vietnamese Centipede. The thing is awesome. It’s about as long as your hand and is intimidating even in its cooked form. The waitress sees the centipede and is taken aback that we are actually about to eat it. Because the centipede is so large, we decide to cut him up in to three pieces. I had watched a video on suggestions on how to eat the centipede and they recommended taking the legs off. The legs have little spikes on the ends that could get caught in your throat. And the last thing I want is to choke on a centipede leg. So we all stripped our sections of centipede of its legs and prepared to eat.


I took the first bite and at first the taste isn’t so bad, then the taste of very badly burnt tree bark comes into your mouth. It isn’t pleasant but it isn’t the worst thing I’ve ever eaten. I wouldn’t volunteer to eat it again without money backing the challenge that’s for sure. Next comes Robbi, He pops the centipede in his mouth and begins chewing. He swallows and follows up with a large chug of his beer. Two down. Now FoFo picks up his piece, and says “Here it goes”. A few chews latter and “Oh God” escapes his lips followed by “Wow!” Finally he swallows and replies “That was Gnarly!”

IMG_1802 IMG_9970 IMG_973420140725_204810 20140725_204841 20140725_204859 20140725_204853

Our waitress is witnessing all the wild facial expression of us exotic eaters and we actually manage to convince her to try a piece. I had left the head of the centipede on the plate and I handed it to her. Instantly she pops it in her mouth and begins chewing. She covers her mouth with her hand but continues to chew until it’s all gone. When she’s swallowed it down, she’s beet red and says “OH MY GOD THAT DISGUSTING!” and walks away.

20140725_204933 20140725_204944 20140725_204947

The only thing that’s left of the Giant Vietnamese Centipede is the pile of legs on the plate. So Robbi and I toast our beers to FoFo’s foofoo drink and cheer to another successful exotic eats challenge. As soon as I get home this evening I’ll be cruising my various websites looking for the next Exotic Eats Challenge meal.

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Today was another installment of the Exotic Eats Challenge that FoFo and I have going on.  The challenge that I brought to the table was suggested by an employee of KTM.  It’s an alcoholic beverage that is commonly consumed in Mexico called Pulque.  Pulque is the fermented juice of the agave cactus.  FoFo on the other hand brought a rather smelly sea dwelling morsel – smoked oysters in oil.


We started with the Pulque.  The brand of pulque that I purchased has a 6% alcohol by volume.  Pulque is not carbonated and is recommended that you shake vigorously before consuming.  So I popped the top and unwisely smelled the juice before taking a sip.  It smells a rather foul sickly sweet.  The taste however is easy to describe – Rotting fruit.  It literally tastes like rotting fruit.  To my taste buds this drink was horrible.  As soon as I swallowed, the fumes went up through my nasal cavity and raped my olfactory cells.  I couldn’t help but scrunch my nose at the assault.   FoFo on the other hand didn’t think it was too bad.  Mind you he stopped quite short of saying it was good.  But his facial expression wasn’t contorted like mine was.


Next was FoFo’s dish of smoked oysters.  FoFo opened the can and the oysters in the oil look like the remains of male childrens’ foreskins after a circumcision.  The sight is not pleasant and neither is the smell.  To describe, it is a hearty heavy smokey fishy smell.  FoFo and I toasted to the oysters who gave their life to our feast and each popped one in our mouths.  The taste is really not bad at all.  It’s very smokey with that typical smoked fish taste, really isn’t that bad.  The texture however is gross!  It’s a slimy but chewy but chalky texture.  Yuck!  Based on texture alone I would NEVER eat this again unless it was on a cracker (gluten free).  The cracker would at least disguise some of the sliminess of the oysters.


So both FoFo and I cheered for another successful Exotic Eats Challenge.  What’s up next?  I’m bringing the Century Duck Egg!  I can’t wait to see FoFo’s expression when he peals that puppy open.  Black flesh hiding a black yolk.  Mmmmmmmm!  Until then, challenge your taste buds and try something new!

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