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Its Probably the Urea…

Well this is my first blog ever.  LS has inspired me to actually put some effort into communicating a little better about me and what’s going on in my life…

A little depressed right now as I’ve just shelled out $1,500 for service on my Touareg… But its running better than ever so I guess I shouldn’t complain too much.  I plan on keeping the car for a long time so I guess a little money spent now will save me heaps down the road.

I leave for Daytona Beach Florida on Thursday morning for Daytona Bike Week.  Sport Rider Magazine is hooking me up with tickets to the superbike race and I’ve got a hard card for the SX race… Looking forward to all the new sights and sounds of Florida.  I will be taking pics so stay tuned for an update soon.


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New Drawing…

Here’s my latest work of art done while I sat in front of the TV watching CSI Las Vegas…


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Found Porn??

Well I’m always on the look out for interesting things…  Browsing through my favorite Scuba Diving shop called Ocean Enterprises, I found this glorious sample of “Found Porn”.  Found Porn is something (an object, a logo, etc) that’s truely innocent but resembles in some way something sexual in nature…  This exquisit sample is my pride and joy!  I am truely lucky to have discovered such a specimen!

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