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I know everyone is waiting with baited breath to learn what the 2012 Inappropriate Ornament was for my mother’s annual holiday Christmas Party.  I present the 2012 Inappropriate Ornament!



Yes it’s a plastic Anal Bead Sex Toy!  The best part of this 12” long treasure is that the anal beads are clear plastic with gold glitters throughout, creating a festive center piece to my mom’s Xmas décor.  A good majority of the party goers know that within the normal décor is the “special” ornament and many people spent several minutes trying to find this orgasmic gem.  The funny part is that the anal beads were so “festive” that some people couldn’t differentiate between a real ornament and an anal bead sex toy!  Those that did spot the gold glitter colon tickler blushed and explained to others what it was and how it was used. There were many blushed cheeks on some of my mother’s conservative friends.


As usual my mother was a good sport and even commented that the anal beads were so festive that it’s going on the tree as next year’s “normal” decorations!!   AWESOME!!


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