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Trashcan Treasure!

I have had enough!  I can no longer go without venting my frustration!  I warn you now that this blog entry is blatantly disturbing.  You’ve been warned.

So at my place of employment we have “low-flow” toilets and after several clogs management sent notice to all employees instructing them to try to use less toilet paper.  This has resulted in what I call “Visual Evil”.  Now I know that defecating (pooping) is a natural event.  And while I acknowledge that nature is taking place whenever the door to the bathroom closes, I don’t necessarily want to hear it, smell it or see it.

So lately when I go to use the restroom I am visually assaulted by what lurks in the trash can.  **Graphics details** Someone at my employment has decided that it is much better to wipe their ass and throw the “ass-wiped” tissue in the trash can rather than flush it down the toilet.  The first time I encountered this Trashcan Treasure I dismissed it as a one time thing and hoped that I wouldn’t be seeing anything like that again.  Disturbed and in desperate need of a disinfectant shower I hastily exited the restroom.  However true to my worst nightmare, this Trashcan Treasure has now become a regular occurrence and not just with “ass-wipeage”!  I’m talking about monthly female wipeage too!!  How anyone in their right mind cannot find this disturbing is DISTURBING!  And it appears that I’m the only one at my employment to be disgusted by this visual toxic waste!

A coworker suggested that I say something.  But what do you say and to whom?  For all I know its one of the managers! I’m to the point where I’m going to either pick up the trashcan walk into the bullpen offices and shout “WTF IS THIS?!” or place a sign above the toilet that reads “PLEASE FLUSH YOUR USED TISSUE!  DO NOT THROW USED TISSUE IN THE TRASHCAN FOR OTHERS TO SEE!”

The simple solution? Double flush people!!  If you think you’re going to clog the toilet with either the size of the log or the numerous wads of toilet paper DOUBLE FLUSH!!  How hard is it?!  Geeezzzz People!!  I really don’t want to see what looks like a murder scene cover-up or a poorly executed sewage spill clean-up in a restroom trashcan!


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