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Bogie’s Issues…

As most of you know, I have a new little fur son.  His name is Bogie and he’s a black and rust Doberman who is now a precocious 5 months old little ball of endless energy.  He is finally fully vaccinated so not only is he going to puppy preschool, but I’ve also been taking him to the Escondido Mayflower dog park.  It is here where my little fur son, tests my patience by what I call “Doggie Rape”.  Let me try to explain.

Two other dogs will be playing together and rough housing by themselves.  Bogie will go over to one of the dogs, grab the dog around the hips and force the dog away from his playmate.  Bogie will then push the dog to the ground where he tries to hump them.  Granted Bogie mostly humps the other dog’s head, but still.  Usually the other dog finally gets up off the ground after a minute or so of head humping and runs away which leaves bogie humping the air.  Bogie will then attempt to recapture his hump target by “Run Humping”.   He takes these giant leaps, trying to grasp the other dog by the hips, while still trying to hump and run at the same time.  This is not only embarrassing but also tiring as I find myself, trying to pull him off other dogs constantly.  One of these days he’s going to grab the wrong dog, who is going to turn around and bite him. 

I explain to the other dog parents that Bogie is still a puppy and hasn’t learn dog manners yet.  Thankfully they offer their assistance by helping me stop his Doggie Rape attempts when he starts his antics near them.   We were going to try to wait a year before Bogie was neutered but at this rate he’ll be lucky if he keeps his family jewels next month!

"I Need Me Some Doggie Puntang!"


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