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Trash Can Treasure UPDATE!!

This is an update to one of my previous posts titled “Trashcan Treasure”.  Reread the old post if you cannot remember clearly what’s going on.

So several weeks ago I placed a printed sign on the wall of the ladies bathroom that reads “Please flush your used toilet tissue.  Do not throw in trash can”.  However this blatant sign has not thwarted the trash can treasure maker.  Our bathroom trash literally overflows with used tissues.  It truly is disgusting.  In response to my sign being ignored, I have moved the trash can from sitting next to the toilet to far away, closer to the entrance of the woman’s restroom.  Even this has NOT STOPPED the overflow of toxic waste tissue!

So… yesterday I sent out an email to all the ladies of my company.  It reads…

“Attn: Ladies of RKEA,

It has come to management’s attention that someone is inappropriately discarding of their used toilet paper.  It is apparent that this individual is wiping themselves after using the toilet and tossing the used toilet tissue in the trash can.  This is both unsanitary and unsightly. Please flush the toilet paper after wiping yourself.”

“A sign was placed upon the back wall to hopefully discourage this practice.  However it has largely been ignored and our bathroom trash can is overflowing with toilet tissue.  Continued misuse of toilet tissue will result in the removal of the trash can.  Please flush your toilet paper and keep our bathroom sanitary.”

I can only HOPE that his resolves the problem.  But in my opinion I think ultimately it will come down to a face to face conversation with the assailant.  Not really looking forward to that conversation.


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Yes the Penetrators Penetrated the Beach Bums!  What does that mean?  It means that we kicked a little ass!

As some of you already know, I play inner tube water polo on Wednesday nights down at the Wave House in Pacific Beach.  Our co-ed team is called the Penetrators.  Now I’ve been playing for two seasons, and most of the teams we play are on their fifth and sixth season.  Last season was our first time playing Inner Tube Water Polo and unfortunately the Penetrators didn’t win a single game.  Granted we were all nubes and still trying to figure out how to maneuver around the pool let alone learning how to play the game.  Personally I think our losing streak was due to the fact that our official team name was then “team 26”.  We weren’t officially labeled as the “Penetrators” until this second season.  Hence the reason our losing streak came to an end.  I feel the other team, the “Beach Bums” were intimidated by the “Penetrators” name alone.  I mean who in their right mind wants their bum penetrated? LOL

The official score was 12 to 7 and oh how sweet the win was!  Once the game over whistle blew, our team exploded in cheers and screams!  OUR FIRST WIN!

So on Wednesday the 27th its Penetrators vs Team Shrinkage!  Hopefully I will be able to report another Penetrator win!  If you’re in the area of Pacific Beach around 9:00 pm, stop by for some Inner Tube action!

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After losing our beloved doberman Moose last year, it was time to bring another family pet back into our home.  So in August I found a Doberman breeder in Phoenix AZ who was scheduled to have pups around the middle of October.  We spoke to the breeder and sent in a deposit for one of the pups.  On December 20th I drove out to Phoenix with a friend to pick up our new little pup.  He was only nine weeks old and was busting at the seems with boundless energy.  His official AKC registered name is Bogartis Maximus Von Vicaral.  AKA Bogie.  After a seven hour car ride, we finally settled in at home.  Now understand that pups don’t have full control over their bowels or bladders for several months.  So when Jeff and I decided to go out to dinner and were going to be gone too long to stick him in his crate, we decided to leave little Bogie in his Pen (A confined area in the house).  Before we left we tried to tire the little guy out so hopefully he’d sleep most of the time we were gone.  We placed him in the pen with several of his toys and chewy items.  While at dinner we speculated what he was doing.  Probably just sleeping and being a good boy.  Oh how wrong we were…

Yeah, all that brown stuff is Poop.  Somehow he managed to poop four times within a three hour window and preceded to redecorate our kitchen floors, cabinets, refrigerator, inside his crate, and his toys with his poop.  We peered over the barricade and he sat there looking at us as if to say, “Look Mom, Look Dad!  Look what I did!  Isn’t it Great!”

The words “GOOD LORD!” escaped Jeff’s lips as we stood there in amazment.  How can something so small cause so much destruction!

I picked Bogie up and marched him to the bathtub where I had to pick out the impacted poop that was mashed up in between his toes.  Jeff started to mop up the mess in the kitchen.  What a mess!

Thankfully as he is now 12 weeks old, he’s learning that rolling and stepping in Poop means he gets an unwelcome bath.  So the Poop redecoration sessions have receded and he now tries to steer clear of the piles.  I’m sure our poop sessions aren’t fully over, but just looking at his little face when he’s done something bad is irresistible even if it does involve Poop.

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