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Moral Fiber

Who can resist a poem about Poop!!

By Nathan “HuckleBerry” Giardina

Over here, over here, I want you to hear,
This tale of terror that you shall revere,
I shall spit, as you sit, tit-for-tat and tat-for-tit,
Of a day I spent with my rear done bent,
Over a marbled throne of porceline bone!
And the shit it did roll, like I’ve been tolled,
For all of the sins of my past all rolled, and rolled
Into one long payment, by god! It was cement!
Hardend from years that I could not repent!
Oh repent that I would and I could though I can’t!
For now I abide by the tide of a bowl as I rant
For my bowels to flow and flow, and fucking flow!
And still here my eyes are scrunched, slammed shut,
Trying to rid my ribs of evil through my butt!
OUT!  Out demons!  Out foul deeds! Out cursed things!
At last with tempest force, and a sereph sings!
A blessing did pass through my ass to below
A splash and a sinking, though stinking shall grow,
And I, I did gasp, for my life it did pass
‘cross my eyes, and now only sighs tresspass
From my lips as I wipe what remains of my sin!
Mark now my words, and impart to your kin,
Though fiber you have, moral fiber you’re lacking
And without such, hell is a daily shellacking!

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