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Doing laundry is one of these menial tasks that while relatively easy to do, is still just a simple boring chore.  However this weekend that simple chore became a HUGE tasks as one of the items I placed in the washing machine literally disintegrated into billions of little laundry snow balls.  These little snow balls got on all the other clothes and then exploded out as I opened the washer.  It took three basket cleaning cycles, a flooded garage and six filter cleanouts to finally get the washer to operate as normal.  Unfortunately because the washer’s filter was clogged the washer couldn’t drain as it should so when you remove the filter to clean it out, the washer drains all the water that was in the tub out onto the ground.  I attempted to drain that water into a shallow pan but the sheer quantity of water overwhelmed my shallow little pan very quickly. 



The item that disintegrated was a small blanket throw we use on the couch.  The blanket throw snow was on all the other items of clothing in the washer so once we discovered the mess, it required that I take each piece of wet clothing and vigorously shake it to remove some of the laundry snow.  This in itself create a HUGE mess of little white laundry snow EVERYWHERE.  Once I removed most of the snow I placed the items in the dryer.  There was so much leftover snow on the clothes that it required that I stop the dryer and clean out the drying filter every ten minutes.  And because the blanket was made of this really soft material I also had to vacuum the filter out each time because the material was so fine that some of it made it past the filter.  All in all it took me about four hours to clean up the mess and get the washer and dryer back to operating normal.  NOT FUN!!





I’ve never had anything disintegrate in the washer before and hopefully I never do again.  I’m sure that I’ll still need to continue to clean out the washer and drying filers for the next several loads just to make sure all the blanket snow is gone. Fun let me tell you!




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